Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Treasury links

Recently I have had several items listed in treasuries on etsy. The latest one is my Black and Red Poppies scarf.


Another item that is in a treasury and is one of my absolute favorite items is


all kinds of good stuff today

I thought for sure today was going to be a terrible day when I woke up. I was crocheting last night while I was watching a movie. I fell asleep and left my stuff on the dresser. This morning when I picked it up I dropped my crochet hook into the air conditioner that was sitting on the floor waiting to get stored for the winter.

So I have had to put that project on hold for a while.

Well I finished up a lot of projects that have been waiting around since before the holidays. Now they are not only completed but also photographed and the photos are edited and will be listed on etsy today. I made some crocheted flowers yesterday just for fun. I really love crocheting those things.

When I saw them laying here I thought it would be fun to embellish them and include them in either a necklace or a headband. I will have to see what happens when I start working on them. . I had the perfect fabric in mind and found all kinds of good scraps to work with. I can't wait to get started.

I was feeling in a girly mood for the most part and made up a bunch of girly hats. My favorite is the purple sock monkey.

The pink sock monkey is cute too and I will be making them in boy colors too.

 I also had a spare purple hat made up that I wanted to finish up so I created this.

Not wanting the guys to feel left out I also finally finished my John Deer hat. Just wished I would have had time to get it done before Christmas. These are available in all sizes too. Not just for the little ones.

And I almost forgot I was mentioned in another etsy treasury and this treasury was placed on Twiggs Blog. Thanks Twiggs!!!

A Place For Twiggs

If anyone has any suggestions for the yellow flowers please let me know.

Monday, December 27, 2010

after holiday stuff

Well I survived the holidays. They were pretty busy for me with lots and lots of orders from all the craft shows I did this season and the orders from etsy and friends on facebook.

I had big intentions of getting this blog updated and current so everyone could see all the new stuff as I got it made. I was even too busy to do that. Not that I am complaining. I would rather be way too busy with orders that working way to hard to get orders.

One of the hottest items this holiday season was my infinity scarf. It is an awesome 72" circular scarf that you can wrap around your neck doubled or tripled even if you are small enough and it keeps your neck completely warm. If you are outside and need a quick hat just pull one of the loops up over your head and cover your head like a shawl. This is one of the hottest colors of the fall winter season.

So is this one Everyone loves this sage green. These are also available with matching armwarmers.
This is a perfect little treat for yourself for surviving another holiday season.

I am currently working on one in a gorgeous shade of purple called Merlot and then Characoal grey. I also have oatmeal which I am hoping to photograph tomorrow.  I also have these in cherry red, expresso, black flecks, and can custom make in other colors too.

The gold scarf was featured in a treasury and was also featured in an online article about awesome stuff you can buy yourself after the holidays.

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