Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A goat on my porch and another giveaway

So I had a really nice day with my daughter and my grandson today. We went shopping, visited grandma  and got pizza and brought it back to my house. While we were sitting here there was a goat on the porch. My neighbor got a pic with his camera phone and said he is going to email it to me to put up on facebook.

I think goats are really cute and would love to have one. I had to pick on Tom about it. I acted all excited and asked him if he got me a goat for my birthday cuz he knows how bad I want one.

Then some other neighbors heard about the goat and came over looking for it. They ran off determined to catch it. I wonder what they plan on doing with it if they catch it.  I told Tom I want to keep it.

Shipped out all the orders today and getting stuff ready to photograph tomorrow and working on upcoming blog posts. Got some awesome stuff coming up.

I did a thrift store trip and spent about $10.00 on everything and came up with some really awesome crafty stuff and made some way cool stuff with what I purchased and what I have at home already. Stay tuned.

Also I want to have my own giveaway. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should give away?
Check out my etsy shop and let me know what you think I should have for my giveaway.

Not sure if I should give away a gift certificate or select a prize. Help me decide please!!!!

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