Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I know it has been a while since I have written last.  Sometimes reality just gets in the way of the internet. Hey life happens and the winter blues from all the snow and cold weather. Here is some of my new stuff. Most of it is listed in my etsy shop.

These pink handwarmers are great. Perfect for spring openweave butterfly is great and looks awesome with my new butterfly headbands.
 Pink and green flower. This can be mounted on a headband hair clip or pin to wear as a brooch
 Hair clippie
 Black and pink flower. Made into a headband or pin. Your choice.
 lady bug magnet
 Legwarmers I love these I had to have a pair and they are great.
 Butterfly headband

 Orange flower... orange is the hot spring/summer color


  1. I posted the rules for the dishcloth exchange if you're still interested! here is the link:

  2. Thanks I posted this on my blog and put the link up on facebook so hopefully we will get more people in this.